Laura is co-founder of VineaGroup. She is a successful entrepreneur -- having established four other B2B marketing service and technology companies.

Laura is an innovator and a nationally-recognized sales lead management expert with many industry and client citations to her credit. She is a lifelong resident of Colorado and has proudly served on the boards of state and local civic, non-profit and faith-based organizations. Laura is known for her love of life, sense of humor and occasional scary intensity. Her greatest accomplishments are her children Sam, Mike and Emma.

It's all about "relationships."

Laura is a five-time technology entrepreneur and nationally recognized expert in B2B prospect engagement, customer acquisition and sales lead management. Her companies have pioneered innovative ways to identify, capture, communicate and evolve relationships with any constituent group whether they are prospects, customers, members, donors, patients, suppliers, voters, or citizens.

Four companies, 25 years, hundreds of clients and millions of prospects have proven that honoring basic human behavior also produces the greatest "return on relationship" every time.

McGuire also holds the earliest and most cited patents in the Crowdsourcing/CloudLabor arena and has been applying remote labor options since technology made it possible two decades ago. She was recently named, for the third year in a row, as one of the industry's Most Influential by the Sales Lead Management Association.

As an employer McGuire, has a civic passion for economic development (job creation), especially as it relates to enterprise development, from raw start-up to financing and scaling ongoing operations. A frequent speaker on her professional topics, McGuire is a thought leader on entrepreneurialism, capital acquisition, angel investing, remote workforce management, and business incubation. Her specialties include sales lead management, marketing automation, direct/database marketing, SaaS/web applications, cloud applications, and Crowdsourcing/CloudLabor patents.

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