HandenRood_3756Many marketers and business owners and corporate stakeholders struggle with B2B lead generation.

Businesses have a real need for good tactics, but little information available is available.

Thus, B2B marketing confuses a lot of organizations. Businesses are highly dependent on generating leads -- since leads are potential sales contacts. Without leads, enterprises miss out on profits and customers.

Furthermore, sales and marketing teams tend to work in silos. And they struggle to work as a cohesive unit to understand buyer-centric methodology.

Implementing an effective LeadsToRevenue Management strategy requires a different mindset, new skills, and possibly new technology. VineaGroup will appraise your company’s current processes including but not limited to your current realities, projected goals and metrics and discover where there could be areas of enhancement. We’ll break down who, what, where, why, when and how you are operating today.