How does a company pivot to a LeadsToRevenue Management (LTRM) strategy?

You Don't Know Whom You Don't Know

It is quite simple – it is all about the buyer. VineaGroup will ask the tough
questions such as do you know your Total Available Market? Does your target audience know you? Do they like you? Do they trust you? As you can see, many marketers have an uphill climb to understanding who comprises their market.

We’ll challenge you to think differently and coach you how to implement a robust LTRM strategy for your organization. The principals have been doing this for years and will share their know-how and best practices. Managing a vineyard at maximum productivity year after year requires dedicated management (leadership), coordination and calibration (changing with your target market), and alignment (how the buyer buys). Similarly, these elements are spot on from what companies need to apply towards LTRM.